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For you and your animals

Healing the Mind, Body, & Spirit


About Reiki

Reiki- Rei is Universal, Ki is Lifeforce Energy 

We are made of energy, energy is in us and is all around us. We could not survive with out it.  So by using this Lifeforce energy we can raise our internal vibrations that is needed for good health.

What being attuned to Reiki means is that I am a channel for this Universal Lifeforce Energy.

Channeling Reiki has so many benefits;

Immunity. Past traumas. Healing (physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual). 

The list is endless.

Reiki is not based on any religion, it's energy from the Universe. Available to all forms of belief system's 

Think of it as acupuncture without the needles. 

Reiki ​

Reiki can be used hands on or hands off

Sitting position or lying down.

Reiki can help build up your immunity

Help relieve past trauma, self exploration, self knowledge 

Healing from the inside out mentally,

physically and spiritually 

Energy balancing and releasing

Connecting or reconnecting to self

Relaxation, self-nurturing

Life (Goal) Affirming 

End of life transitioning 

Reiki from a Distance

Reiki travels time and space,

So Reiki can be received in your o​wn space

Your furry loved ones

Even our furry kids love Reiki

Our furry family members love Reiki

Reiki can help with behavioral issues 

Separation anxiety 



And end of life transitioning

And with passion,  attuning service and emotional support animals with Reiki to better support their humans.

What our clients are saying

Renee is fantastic! This was my first session of many, I hope. She is patient, knowledgeable, friendly. We had a great session. Thank you so much!

Susan Teem

Renee was exceptionally kind, welcoming, and professional. This was the most deeply ​relaxing and clarifying experience I've had.

I highly recommend Reiki, especially with Renee! I will definitely  be a regular client🙂 

Heather Teem


Thank you so much for the services you offer with Reiki, I always leave feeling renewed and ready to open myself for energy renewal and finding more of my inner self. Talking about the sessions after to find how my journey has helped and changed gives me even more clarity into my self search.


About me

A little bit about me and my spiritual journey.

How many of us make resolutions in December and not keep them? Well normally that would be me too. But for some reason, not this time. I honestly did not know what Reiki was, that name popped in my head one day and I said I want to do it, so I did what we all do.... I googled it. Yes indeed, that is what I believe, I’m was being guided to do. So then started all the research, books, and Facebook groups that I could find. Yes, I wanted to do it even more. I had friends that could use this type of healing plus my two aging dogs. Then, the hard part came, trying to find a teacher in our area. Portland, Seattle, all had several reputable teachers. But since my husband thinks I’m half nuts anyway, he would not understand me taking a whole weekend off work to travel for something I’ve never even had done to me... So a month or so goes by (it felt like years) and I finally found one that hit home with me. So on April 28, I received my level 1 attunement and May 28, I received my level 2.  On December 21 2020 (Winter Solstice , and the time of the Star of Bethlehem appearing) I received my Master Attunement.

What is Reiki? Good question. Rei Universal KI is life force energy. Everything has energy, we are surrounded by energy, we cannot survive without it. It is a very old modality of healing. Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan went on a 21 day meditation and fast on Mt. Kurama to find answers from of the ancient texts he had been reading on healing. and on the 21 day, he had a light came out of the sky and hit him on the middle of the forehead, (the third eye), he had visions of bubbles and in those bubbles were symbols. I could go on with the story, but I won’t bore you with the history. He learned that he could heal people by the laying on of hands and by intention. Everything is about intention. Our thoughts, feelings and our lives are effected by intention. Think about it. How do you start your day?

So by my Reiki master attuning me, it opens the doors for me to channel that universal lifeforce energy . It is not me, it is the energy of the universe . I am just a channel.

I would love to assist you in your health and state of mind.

Reiki can help build up your immunity,

Help relieve past traumas, self exploration, self knowledge.

Healing (physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual.

Energetic balancing and releasing .

Connecting or reconnecting to self.

Creating peace, centeredness, grounding.

Relaxation, self- nurturing.



Life (goal)-Affirming

Are you ready to take the next step in your own health? Reiki can help. I can channel it for you! I am a total animal lover, animals love Reiki, do you have a troubled or ailing pet? Try Reiki.

Send me a message and ask all the questions you want and I will answer what I know.

I have a special room in my home now (with many trips to good will), so you can feel comfortable and relaxed so you can experience the wonderful healing of the Universe .

So feel free to contact me to book a session.

Namaste ( the light in me sees the light in you)