Welcome to Reiki with Renee' 

Reiki for the ​M​ind, Body & ​Spirit

For you and your animals

What you might feel

Reiki is different for everyone, it's a very personal and can be an extremely profound experience. And what you feel one session, you may feel something totally different the next.  Reiki can do no harm and will go where it's needed most, but you can set an intention for something specific. 

You could feel a tingling sensation, warmth, total relaxation.  Your body may twitch and your stomach may growl. Remember, there is energy going through you.  

Some people actually go to sleep, and that is perfectly fine. I don't mind the snoring!


These are 1 hour sessions.

I do use incense so if you have any allergies please let me know ahead of time.  

 We can do discounts if you book and pay for 3 or more in advance.  

Reiki sessions run $75 for 1 hour. If you are on a time limit we can do $35 for 30 minutes.

Animal Reiki 

I would love to meet your pet and do a hands on session . Of course this requires me to travel and if this is in my area, that isn't a problem.  If it traveling is not an option I will most certainly do a distance session We can do a video chat or you can send me a recent picture. 

Some animals are sensitive to the energy, so the time they allow me can differ. So we can do more of a minute by minute bases but a $35 base .  I can also be on call for an end of life transition or emergencies. 

Distance healing

As much as I would love to help you heal in person, sometimes that is not comfortable for everyone, or depending on miles and/or weather. We can do this by video or you can send me a picture.  As long as we had an agreed upon time and you have a place where you will not be disturbed and are in a comfortable position. Just like if you were here. 

I can also be called upon in emergencies and/or end of life transitioning.

Since this takes the same amount of time. The price does not change. $75 per hour.

Special circumstances 

Reiki can be channeled anywhere, hospitals, care facilities,  your own home.  If you have a special circumstance, please contact me and we can talk about the possibilities .  Side note; I cannot send to a person without their permission, unless they can't communicate, then I can ask their soul for permission.  

If my hours will not work at all with your schedule , please feel free to contact me and we can arrange a time.   

After booking your appointment, please head over to the contact page for payment.

Thank you so much.


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